Illegal dismissal cases account for most of the Philippine Labor courts' docket.

Hiring an employee is an easy and pleasant event.

Typically, a job applicant sends a politely worded letter seeking to be considered.

He or she shows up in his best office attire, waits patiently for his or her turn to be interviewed and puts a best face and foot forward during the all-important interview.

Unfortunately, while HR specialists use all kinds of screening methods to choose the best applicant in the lot, there really is no telling how the employee is going to perform on the job.

There are many reasons why your company may find it best to fire an employee.

But existing labor laws in the Philippines protect the employees from what the Labor Code defines as "illegal dismissals".



Forget the standard, "you're fired!" line you hear on TV.

Firing an employee on the spot is most likely going to lead to a labor case.

But what if my employee failed to do his job? What if my employee was caught stealing? Can't I cut labor costs when business is bad? Am I stuck with a manager I don't trust anymore or a sales employee who is not productive?


Of course, you can! But you got to do it the RIGHT way, the LEGAL way.

If you don't, you may just end up paying thousands of pesos in damages to an employee who you had every reason to fire in the first place. Worse, you may even be asked to reinstate or allow that employee to return to work.

Not if you follow the rules on





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